Mechanical Engineering

We provide project feasibility and costing analysis, functional descriptions, the development of conceptual plans and detailed equipment designs using the latest 3D modelling and CAD technology.

Mechanical Engineering

Our 3D images and 'fly through' virtual plant animations help clients visualise a "real life view" of the end result before any process begins. Our CAD designs can be loaded directly into cutting equipment, leading to cost savings around measuring, cutting and welding and ultimately produces very accurate and high quality components.

This approach to design helps to maximise efficiencies that can be gained from the use of cutting and machining processes during manufacturing, as well as minimising parts and labour costs.

Automation Design has a wealth of experience in designing systems and machinery for the food and beverage industries, including design and certification of automated motion control and materials handling equipment, hygiene and safety systems.

We are also integrating smart phone and other mobile technologies into our designs to modernise and expedite plant operations in the areas of plant floor servicing, fault diagnostics and sourcing of parts.

To find out more about Automation Design's mechanical engineering services, contact us and speak to one of our engineers.


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