Our Customers

Automation Design has delivered successful projects for a range of customers. These include major UK and Australian bakeries, US hamburger chains and New Zealand meat processors. Our experienced and award winning team has completed many large-scale and complex design projects in food processing, materials handling, bulk powder and liquid systems, minor and micro ingredient systems, crate stacking/destacking and loading, batching and conveyor systems, mixing equipment, vertical buffer systems (including crates and trays), automated multi axis control applications, trash removal and washing systems. We are product and materials handling specialists.

Allied Bakeries

Allied Bakeries, United Kingdom: Automation Design initially supplied Allied Bakeries with a solution to upgrade their Glasgow plant mixers and skip hoist. Despite physical space limitations and strict standards on hygiene, maintenance and controls systems, Automation Design delivered a very successful solution for Allied Bakeries that has resulted in multiple on-going orders. "What we viewed on the computers at home during the design reviews is exactly what we are seeing on the factory floor." - Mr Mark Baker, National Controls Manager / Project engineer, Allied Bakeries.

Tip Top

Tip Top, New Zealand Automation Design designed, supplied and installed automated plastic crate handling equipment for Tip Top to unload empty crates from dollies, un-stack, re-orientate, remove loose waste and deliver into a crate washer. The system picks up the cleaned crates and delivers them into the production line crate loaders for filling, stacking and loading onto dollies. The project was delivered and commissioned on time without interruption to production, and the capital cost was returned in approximately two years.

Kaak Group

Kaak Group, Holland Automation Design is currently engaged with Kaak Group in Holland, a large European machinery manufacturer, to provide machinery designs for a range of their equipment that is being manufactured under a license agreement. In order to implement cost effective manufacturing of this equipment in Europe, Automation Design has converted and is still converting CAD files into the company's ERP system. This work is carried out on a shared software license that allows Automation Design to work on the system during the New Zealand day and at the end of each day the files are then transferred back to Europe where their European counterparts work on the files throughout the New Zealand night.

This method of operation is permitting projects to progress 24 hours a day by utilising the high speed internet access via fibre optic links to virtual severs based here in New Zealand.

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